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About Us

Excitement Radio, Inc. is a Online radio station that features both music and live talk shows. We primarily feature music that is exciting and makes you want to get up and move – including hip-hop (new and classic), EDM and R&B. Our live shows feature a team of talented radio hosts from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Excitement Radio was founded by Angela Beasley and DJ Ben Hop in November of 2013.

Our mission is to simultaneously educate, assist, and entertain our listeners.

Both Ben and Angela have over 20 years of experience in various aspects of the music industry including; performing, DJing, recording, marketing, production and working within the business side of the entertainment world.

Angela had a vision of putting together an online radio show where she could not only entertain listeners but also bring people together from all over the world and create a higher level of understanding and unity amongst people of different races, backgrounds and genders.

Ben, an established radio personality in the online radio world, DJ and producer, was busy helping independent artists recognize their dreams through his popular radio show “The Best Kept Secret” when the two met up for the second time.

Shortly after their reconnection they both realized that as a team they both held onto the pieces of a puzzle that when joined together would become a portrait of success.

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