Stay Tuned for The Best Kept Secret Summer Music Contest in 2024

Please read the “Rules and Prizes” section below before signing up!

*There is a $10 non-refundable entry fee

  1. Fill out all of the required fields
  2. Upload your mp3 (must be 12mbs or less) and album artwork or artist image (500 x 500 jpg is best)
  3. Enter Instagram username without the “@”
  4. Enter Twitter username without the “@” (not required, but it helps your exposure if you do add it)
  5. Hit submit
  6. Payment pop-up window will open (All credit cards are accepted)
  7. Enter your email address (if you have paid with Stripe in the past, a verification code will be sent to your phone)
  8. Enter the verification code
  9. If you have never paid with Stripe, you will then be asked for your credit card information
  10. Enter your credit card information, a Thank you message or page will pop-up.
  11. Do NOT back out or hit the back button of the payment window and Do NOT submit your credit card more than once per entry
  12. Your artist profile page will be created.
  13. Refresh the same page “after your payment goes through” and you will see your artist profile show up on the contest page
  14. To view your personal page, select the link with your name on it or the “read more” link under your image (if you have added a bio)
  15. If you have any problems submitting your information, or have any questions, please email us.

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